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Our partners; the Société Archéologique de Namur (SAN), the Province of Namur, the University of Namur, and Art-Valley 51, will offer a supplementary programme in the context of FIDEM activities in Belgium 2016.
From 13.08.16 until 11.09.16   Exhibition: Alphonse Darville works together with creations of 12 International Medalists at the FIDEM workshop - Art-Valley 51 (2015) (Anna Watrobska, Majid Jammoul, Joao Duarte, Linda Verkaaik, Nicolas Salagnac, Maya Graber, Mirena Zlateva, Keiko Kubota, José Teixeira, Tetsuji Seta, Shanshan Deng, Paul Huybrechts)
Venue: museum TreM.a in Namur
From 16.08.16 until 08.10.16   Exhibition: Marian Polonsky’s work (medals and small sculptures). Polonsky won the First Art-Valley 51 Prize in Sofia for the most mature classical medal.

The second part will be a retrospective of Paul Huybrechts’ work at the occasion of his 45 years of activity, including medal-sculptures realized during the workshop.
The third part of the exhibition will show the surrealist sculptures of Wivine Vernieuwe, Dirk Dekeyzer, Dany Tulkens, Luc De Blick and Fernand Vanderplancke.

The fourth part of the exhibition is the Holland project of Linda Verkaaik with hanging medals.
Venue: the BUMP (Bibliothèque Universitaire Moretus-Plantin)
From 06.09.16 until 08.01.17   Exhibition of Georges Aglane's works.
Venue: the museum d’Enhaive in Jambes

From September 30th 2016 until January 08th 2017, the International FIDEM exhibition of contemporary medals will be held at the museum TreM.a, rue de Fer 24, Namur.


On October 8th 2016, a conference day with 8 lectures on art-medals will be organised in the auditorium of Quai 22.


More details will be published in the official FIDEM CONGRESS brochure
and this FIDEM-BELGIUM 2016 website.



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